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The Ultimate Guide To The Competitor Backlinks Analysis PremiumCoding.
Before going to it step by step, I would like to talk about the reasons why we need to do competitor backlink analysis. Why do we need to run a Competitor Backlinks Analysis? There are many reasons why you need to run the competitor backlink analysis campaign.:
SEO Audit Competitor Analysis Backlink Profile Audit.
Working with the NHS. SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis. Understand your online visibility and competitive performance with a comprehensive SEO Audit. An SEO Audit is a great starting point as it gives you insight into your competitors visibility, performance and an overview of the digital landscape. We review your website site from an SEO perspective to identify quick wins and make recommendations to develop a longer term strategy to increase your visibility in search engine results pages and boost website performance. Continuing to optimise your site for search and UX is imperative to growing your online visibility and enhancing its overall performance. Conducting a routine SEO Audit will highlight any technical issues, changes in the competitive landscape and new opportunities that can be utilised to further your sites potential. Benefits of an SEO Audit. Use our SEO Audit to make informed decisions, develop an SEO strategy, and increase your organic search visibility by targeting high-intent keywords to generate quality leads and conversions. Some benefits of an SEO Audit include.: Understand your current performance in search. Benchmark against your competitors. Find on-page optimisation opportunities. Investigate technical issues to improve indexation. Learn how to build a trusted and authoritative backlink profile.
How SEO Competitor Analysis Fits Into Your Content Marketing Strategy.
You could also use Mozs Domain SEO Analysis Tool to look up each competitors top-ranking keywords. Ahrefs Content Gap tool is also helpful here. The tool identifies the keywords your competitors rank for then subtracts the keywords that you rank for - providing a list of keywords to target. In the same spreadsheet that you created earlier, enter each competitors top-ranking keywords that youd like to target. Youll also want to include the top SERP results for each chosen keyword and metrics like the number of backlinks pointing to that domain/page, the Domain Rating DR, traffic and search volume. These metrics will give you a better idea of how your competitors stack up to your site. If using Ahrefs, you can find this information in the SERP Overview report in Keywords Explorer to see the top results and the SERP position history. Alternatively, you can also enter each keyword into Google and record the top results. Analyzing Your Competitors Content. Your competitors top-ranking content can also be a goldmine for discovering target keywords and for analyzing their backlinking efforts.
7 Actionable Ways to Loot Your Competitors Backlinks.
Site Explorer - Backlink profile - Anchors. Youll probably notice that the vast majority of links use branded anchors. Dont forget to select URL mode from the drop-down, rather than the default domain mode-this will ensure that youre only viewing links to your homepage rather than every page on the domain. This is because people tend to link to home pages when making a general mention of a brand, rather than something more specific. Thus, analyzing your competitors homepage links will tell you where theyre getting mentioned. For example, -one of the domain-level competitors from our spreadsheet-has been mentioned on 20K websites. Because we know most of these links are brand mentions, the question becomes this.: Why did they mention them Moz, but not us Ahrefs? This is what you need to find out and fix. Enter one of your domain-level competitors from the spreadsheet-ideally one marked as a direct competitor in the final column-into Site Explorer.
How to Find and Replicate Your Competitors Backlinks Mangools.
If you dont find any websites related to your web, pick a big competitor from your niche and try with their website. How to find competitors backlinks. Ill be honest, doing a link building campaign isnt my favorite part of the SEO process. Its not 100 in your hands and it usually takes a lot of time. However, there are handy tools such as LinkMiner that can make the whole process a lot easier. Tip: You can create a free 10-day trial account no credit card needed and try LinkMiner yourself alongside this guide. You can check 500 backlinks per 24 hours for free. All you need to do is to enter your competitors domain or a specific URL and the tool will show the backlinks pointing to it. This brings us to the basic classification of competitors.: a Domain competitors. Domain competitors are websites that compete in the same niche as your site. By checking their link profile, you can find interesting backlink opportunities. b Page competitors.
How to Win Links and Leap Through Rankings With Competitor Analysis.
All three of the above-mentioned tools will help you to find your competitors backlinks. The only thing you need to know is your competitors website and these tools will do the rest. If you followed through the first part of the guide, then this part is exactly the same. You need to sign up to one of the live backlink checkers, add the competitors websites you want to track and the tool will pull a report containing all their backlinks. Once thats done youll be able to see how many backlinks your site has compared to the one of competitors. Most of these tools allow you to filter the backlinks and select the ones that the competitor site has but yours doesnt.
Accurate and insightful link data from the Authoritas Backlink tool.
Discover Authors and Contacts to add to your SEO CRM. Discovers sites using relpublisher - can be useful in identifying potential media partners and affiliates. Find social profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Tip: Use the 'Show' Me quick filter to see Recent links from Authors on influential sites. Advanced Backlink Filtering. You can control the timeline for analysing link data - monthly, twice a month or every two months. This consumes your domain link index credits 1 per analysis. You can also filter huge volumes of link data by.: Type of Site. TLD Top Level Domain, e.g. Com; fr or websites only. Link anchor text. Title or URL. Link Target URL. Also Links to me. For example; filter by Link Target URL will allow you to discover and investigate all the backlinks to a specific page on a competitors website. This is really useful when you are going head to head with one or more competitors for top rankings and you want to ensure you have an edge.
Competitor Link Analysis Template - Build Hundreds Of Links In No Time. Competitor Link Analysis Template - Build Hundreds Of Links In No Time.
Obviously, we dont need all of those - some of these are going to be very low quality not worth our time and some are going to from extremely high authority websites again, not worth the time. The best link building agencies out there know how to optimize their resources - time, budget and their outreach capital. At Ghost Marketing, we tweak the link spread across domain authority, relevance and the potential of our prospects. Theres no point really if you exclusively go after websites like the New York Times and BBC - they will only come around once in a while, and only through a round of sustained digital PR. In other words, try to find a sweet spot. Doing this requires us to set some filters. I usually set the following filters: Language English, Link Type Dofollow and One Link Per Domain. This has reduced the number of backlinks from 40,000, to less than 500. You dont have to manually do this for each competitor domain. I have already programmed the Smart Competitor Backlink Analysis spreadsheet for this. Each link will take your directly to the Ahrefs backlink report, with all the filters set.
22 SEO Experts share their favorite Backlink Analysis Tool.
Our go-to backlink analysis tool is Ahrefs. We also use SEMrush and Majestic for certain aspects, but in the end, Ahrefs is very user-friendly, and being able to see that snapshot of a domains growth over time and all the metrics right there on the main result is very helpful for reporting. The features for digging into specific referring domains are also key. We love being able to see a page title, the URL, and rather links are follow or no-follow. Along with the anchors used on a specific referring domain. We also love the New and Lost features. Being able to see when a backlink was lost so we can take steps to correct it is a great feature we use regularly. Overall a solid backlink analysis tool that allows you to drill down as needed into referring domains, anchors, competitor links, and broken and lost links. Jim Milan -Ahrefs. Communications SEO Manager Auto Accessories Garage. My favorite backlink analysis tool is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is considered by many within the SEO community to have the best crawler for discovering backlinks.
Competitor Backlink Analysis Made Easy: How to Spy on Your Competitors'' Links.
Competitor Backlink Analysis Made Easy: How to Spy on Your Competitors Links. You do you doesnt quite apply to digital marketing. Its a cutthroat world out there, and skipping competitor backlink analysis means youre missing out on traffic, conversions and, well, success.
How to Perform a Competitor Site Analysis and Outrank Your Rivals.
For this step, you can use the aptly-named Backlinks tool. Enter of your competitors URLs and itll provide you with a list of backlinks.: The backlinks you get are ordered depending on their sources domain score. Higher domain scores translate to more reputable backlinks.: You can also filter backlinks by dofollow or nofollow attributes and export a full list to a CSV file so that you can analyze them at your leisure. Once you have the list, you can begin the arduous task of identifying potential backlink opportunities and conducting outreach. Complete your first competitor site analysis today.

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