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A backlink can be relevant in different ways.
What is a SEO backlink? Basically its a hyperlink your website gets given from another website. Backlinks have a massive effect on a websites prominence and optimization in the search engine results. Its the reason they are considered so effective for improving a websites SEO ranking. Search engines calculate rankings using a mix of factors to display search results. No one knows for certain exactly how much value search engines apply to backlinks when listing results. But we are 100 certain that they are a top ranking factor among the 200 that Googles algorithms take into account. Fill in the form for a free Keyboost test. Be aware that there are three main types of backlinks in SEO and they are not the same. These are inbound, outbound and internal links. Lets look at how these links differ and their importance for optimisation. Outbound or external links are where you link out to another site to give your visitors additional useful information or resources. You might think why do this if youre sending traffic away so its always good to make your outbound link one that opens in a fresh page on the browser.
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To perform effective competitor backlink analysis, enter your keywords into a Google search to identify your competitors. Make sure you take the top 5 organic results and put those URLs into a backlink analysis tool. You will get a list of websites to target that provides links to your competitors sites. What are backlinks to a website? A backlink is a link that is placed on one website that points to another website. A link may be placed when a site owner wants to recommend that website. This is a sign that the website is high quality, which makes backlinks a massive part of SEO. How can you tell the quality of backlinks? You can tell the quality of a backlink by reviewing the link profile and the website that has placed the link. The higher the authority, the better the quality of the link is. Using metrics such as Ahrefs DR is a good indicator. Why do I need backlinks? Backlinks and content marketing are essential factors to build page authority or increase your authority score. Make sure to use my backlink strategy to find great backlink opportunities. This method is part of the SEO best practices.
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Link-intersection tool shows prospective domains that link to at least 2 of competitors. 3 Analyze how valuable any of the links from these competitor backlinks might be by editing the current workspace to add metrics that you feel are important to determine the strength of a domain. Tip: Some of the most common metrics used to determine the value of a link coming from any given website are domain age, whether the backlinks are dofollow or nofollow, how many of the site's' pages are indexed in search engines like Google/Yahoo, how many social mentions or signals the domain has on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Domain Authority for this factor, I need to add MOZ API, so Ill skip it in this use case. For analyzing backlinks, right-click on any of the column headers in this the Link Intersection workspace, and edit or add the metrics that you'd' like to use to determine the possible value of a link to the main viewing pane. Add metrics you need to evaluate domains'' value. Then go to Backlink Profile Linking Domains in the left-hand navigation pane in your project.
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Over To You. As weve seen, competitor backlink analysis is not a basic two-step procedure. You ought to begin with keyword research, through which youll get to establish your top competitors, before subsequently segmenting them according to the type and level of competition. At least with that done, you can go ahead and perform data-driven backlink analytics - starting with the domain-level competitors, and then finishing it up with the page-level competitors. That is where backlink checkers like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic truly shine. Theyll give you deep insights into the structure, composition, strengths, and weaknesses that exist within your competitors backlink profiles. And with that, you should be able to identify potentially rewarding backlink opportunities for building both dofollow and nofollow links. But, the discoveries dont end there. To truly find out what youve been missing out on, you might want to follow up your domain and page-level checks with backlink gap analysis.
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If you really love keyword research, you can dive deeper into the data to improve your content. Learn shortcuts for conducting keyword research in our Advanced Keyword Research Guide using the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool. SEO Competitor Analysis: Keywords How to Do Competitive Backlink Analysis. Studying your competitors backlinks helps you gather new ideas for your own link-building strategy. Take a careful look at your competitors profiles and make a list of domains on which they have already placed their high-quality backlinks. Identify Your Backlink Competitors. Just like with keywords, you have to make a list of your competitors before analyzing each of them. The Semrush Backlink Competitors report shows you all of your rival domains, along with their –°ompetition level.
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Now that you know your competitors, you can begin looking into their backlink profile. To find competitor backlinks, search their website URL with a backlink checker tool to discover the authority of their site. Then take a look at their inbound links. The best link opportunities to look at are the external backlinks. Then you can check which pages are the most popular on your competitor's' site. Once you know which posts are most popular, you can search them separately to figure out why they are so often linked. You may want to check if the page uses a lot of images or infographics, or if their well-liked posts are a similar length. You want to look for patterns that explain why a site chooses to link to that post instead of the one you have on the same topic. Once you've' given some thought to how you can create content superior to your competitors, you will want to find out which domains share your competitor's' backlinks the most and whether those sites match your niche or industry.
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You can track multiple competitor sites and get comprehensive information about the links. Youll need to sign up for a paid account for this though, since the site gives you a very limited number of searches for free. Backlink Watch is designed specifically to spy on competitors. It gives you information like the total number of links, the anchor text used, the page rank, and more. You can also sort by links that are set to dofollow or nofollow. Backlink Watch is totally free, and you can use it as often as you like. Rank Signals is another free backlink checker that provides plenty of useful information. In addition to providing the number of external links, the tool also shows how many followers the site has on social media, its Alexa traffic rank, and its page rank. The tool is free, but youll need to create an account to get a complete report. Open Link Profiler. Open Link Profiler works the way a lot of the other tools do. Put in a URL and get a link profile.
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So, we know that doing a competitor backlink analysis can help you see where to add backlinks and what strategy to us, but how do you find those opportunities? Where do you start? Keep scrolling for two ways to find backlink opportunities and one way to grow SEO with your existing content.
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FatJoe - Nike Vs. These are sites that target a lot of the search terms you do target but dont necessarily do it for the same reasons as you. This is something you will run into often while performing a competitor backlink analysis. For example, SEMrush and Search Engine Journal SEJ both compete on SERP for link building guide. Yet, these companies are not pursuing the same goal: SEMrush has an SEO tool that might be of use to anyone doing link building whereas SEJ is just trying to build an audience. How to find your domain-level competitors.
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SEO Jul 28, 2011. Competitor Backlink Analysis in Excel. When youre trying to rank for a particular term or piecing together a competitor landscape, you might be looking at tens of thousands of backlinks when you want to understand only a small slice of the data.
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Further to reviewing the specific on-page SEO features mentioned above, other key areas include a competitor content analysis to review the quality and keyword targeting as well as a user experience review to identify key features and compare usability. Offsite SEO - Competitor Backlink Analysis.
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The chances are that if a website is mentioning your competitor, you will benefit from being mentioned there too and get in front of their audience. So when putting together the perfect SEO campaign, bridging that backlink gap should be part of your strategy. How do I find my competitors backlinks?

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